"hello audience "

"hello audience" is an intimate greeting artwork that you can own or pass on to someone else.

**For some of the people who have reached this page it means that you have already received a piece of work or someone has shared it with you.

Where to find hello audience :

I am sending "Hello audience" to a variety of venues in many different locations around the world. A piece of my artwork could be appearing somewhere near you soon, so keep a look out!

Appreciating or possessing works of art seem to be intangible.

It is important for artists and art organizations to always be aware of audiences’ behavior in order to understand and explore possibilities of ways to present artworks in which they could correspond to the daily life of the audience.

Nowadays, artists should be able to adapt to changing situations on a daily basis. Surviving only through provided art space is not enough for the demand.

There should be a propulsion of small units to larger units to build up the area of the audience by themselves, and to experiment on perception of the audience. Once an artwork is in their presence, their understanding that art must be in a gallery, museum, or art space tends to shift. Would the text and caption still have an impact on their perception? This experimental process of connecting artwork, artist, audience, and space together with technology, is to challenge the perception of artists and audiences, in our modern world. This is to test the ability of working closely together between artist, viewers, and space.

Hello Audience will be contained in envelops the size of postcard. The material inside is ad- justed according to each circumstance. At first, the artist will draw on paper. The work will be forwarded to various people and different places, however the structure of this work is based in the Facebook page in order to keep a database and send out information to the audience.

The period of showing Hello Audience project is unlimited depending on circumstances. There’s possibility that it could last a long time.


Start 2012