The freedom to dream is a right that places obstacles in the path of social and economical restrictions. Poverty or lack of education is not in the service of anything or anyone, neither religion, politics, social standing or society. While expression should be, it is not always a given to the people in modern society. The work shows the time spent in the neighborhood of Klong Toey dealing with people of every social background, profession and age in an attempt to reach an understanding of their dreams and desires. This is conveyed through the medium of painting well known furniture design typically associated with the ‘upper class’.

The paintings, 4x6 inch on canvas with black and white acrylic, are hidden in various places in the sculptural piece(slum house) by Phil America in their show 'Villa In The Slums' at Bangkok University Gallery. Accompanying the paintings is a map and poster placed strategically, yet organically, around the campus of the University of Bangkok as well as the surrounding area. Through the posters the viewer is asked to follow the map to the gallery and search for the small paintings. Upon finding them they take a photo and upload to social media with a ‘hashtag’ to bring about an interpersonal relationship with the viewer, artist and the art as well as create an online documentation of their interaction.