Solo Exhibition At Cartel, Narathiwas soi 22, Bangkok

Orawan Arunrak traveled extensively during 2014-2016, to Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and to Okinawa, Japan, and Vientiane, Laos and some provinces in Thailand. Traveling to and inhabiting in these new places, Arunrak noticed the links between cultures and has become deeply imbued with the regions’ histories.

Observing the towns and the cities as she peregrinated, Arunrak directed her attention to the little details, examining the structures and the systems around what she saw within herself and in others. The experience has prompted her to be more conscious with life. She wanted to craft the art of observation, and train herself mentally and physically how to better merge into life’s new territory.
In this exhibition, Arunrak brings the imagery from her travel and grouped them into zones. Each zone is “an always process” in which the artist considered the audience to be a part of. Works featured in this exhibition portray the processes of creating, assembling, and accumulating. Some of them serve as a compass that allows the audience to follow the artist’s route to the place at the stated time and thus relive the imagery.

Altogether, the exhibition “ZONES AND VERBS" offers a view to Orawan Arunrak’s travel, while asking the audience to be conscious of the changing surroundings in a society or a city, and re-examines the definitions of “being,” “seeing,” “developing,” and “depreciating.”

Zones are grouped as followed;

“Meditating, Painting”

the practice of concentration… noticing and dealing with ups and downs. Just like praying, which is part of the said practice, it concerns focusing on what is in front of oneself at the particular moment.

“Cleaning, Praying”

symbolizes the process of cleansing.

“Keeping, Waiting, Hiding”

is of the wait for the future, of expecting something new, yet still yearning for the meaningful existence of the past.

“Growing Changing”

represents the process of building and accumulating, undeterrable prosperity.